Savings & Investments

Savings and Investments: Nymeo gives choices

Manage your funds with a variety of Savings Account strategies. Nymeo offers Regular Savings, Share Certificates, Money Market Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts and Club Accounts. Regular accounts are insured up to $250,000 and IRA accounts separately up to $250,000 by the NCUA, a federal agency. If necessary, we can show you how to increase federal insurance on regular accounts to more than $250,000.

Keep track of your insured coverage limits by using the Share Insurance Estimator.

Share Savings Accounts

The Share Savings Account establishes your basic account number and your Credit Union membership. Under your basic account number, you can establish sub-accounts for Checking, Money Market, Certificates and Loans.

  • Unlimited branch transactions with no fees
  • $5.00 minimum balance required
  • Savings can be used as collateral for a low-cost loan
  • Dividends credited and compounded monthly on the full balance in the account
  • Direct Deposit available. Click here to sign up for Direct Deposit.

We also offer opening these share account types: trusts, estates, rep payee, utma/ugma and guardianship accounts.

Share Certificates

As your savings grow, increase your earning potential by choosing an insured Share Certificate. We offer a variety of terms at competitive rates.

  • Choose any term from 91 days to 84 months.
  • Minimum deposit of $2,500 on all regular certificates - other minimums may apply for special offers

If you are a current Nymeo member, you can open a Share Certificate in My Nymeo Online Banking. Also, Share Certifcates may be opened by visiting any Nymeo Branch or by calling Nymeo at 855-436-4100.

Money Market Accounts

  • Sweet Dividends- Earn a higher dividend rate on your funds as your balance grows with our tiered rate structure. Dividends are credited and compounded monthly on the full balance in your accounts. Translation: The more money you save, the more money you earn.
  • Flexible Terms- Our Money Market Account has no monthly service fees. We also don’t penalize you for withdrawing funds – up to six withdrawals* a month are on the house!
  • Low Starting Balance- You need just $2,500 to start earning sweet, sweet dividends.

*Six free Money Market withdrawals per month. After six Money Market withdrawals, fees may apply.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Save for your future with two types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): IRA Share Accounts and IRA Share Certificates. Choose a Traditional, Roth or Coverdell ESA (formerly known as an Education IRA). Nymeo members have access to an advisor for investment and retirement and also tax advice.

IRA Share Accounts

  • Make deposits at any time
  • No fixed term
  • Deposits may be made through payroll deduction

IRA Share Certificates

  • A range of terms and minimum balances available
  • Make additional deposits to certain certificates
  • Take advantage of periodic special rates and terms.

For questions about IRA Share Accounts and Certificate, visit any Nymeo Branch or by call Nymeo at 855-436-4100.

Switch Kit

Make the SWITCH to Nymeo Federal Credit Union!

Now you can SWITCH with ease. We can help make your change-over easier. Use our convenient Switch Kit to close your accounts and change your direct deposit and automatic withdrawals.

Our Switch kit contains forms that will help you contact the companies and financial institutions that handle your automatic deposits and withdrawals. Any Nymeo representative will be happy to assist you with filling out the forms. We even include a convenient checklist to assist with tracking companies and financial institutions you may need to contact.

Switch Kit Forms:

Switch Kit- What you need to do

New Account Conversion Checklist

Direct Deposit Change Notice Letter

Automatic Payment Cancellation Letter

Account Closure Notice Letter

Club Accounts

Still paying the credit card bills from Christmas, or even last summer's vacation? We know it's tough to save for something that's months away, and Nymeo is here to help. Planning ahead for that big vacation or the Big Gift is easy when you put your money into one of our Club Accounts! Whether it's a Vacation Club Account to save up for a week on the beach or a Holiday Club Account to get the money to buy your friends and family that special gift you know they'll love, opening a Club Account just makes sense.

  • $5 minimum balance required
  • Make deposits at any time, at any Nymeo branch, or through My Nymeo Online Banking
  • Automatic payroll deposits available
  • For Holiday Accounts, disbursement arrives on November 1st
  • For Vacation Accounts, disbursement arrives on May 15th
  • For Combination Accounts, disbursements are on May 15th and November 1st
  • Penalty for early withdrawal before scheduled disbursement date

Come see one of our friendly Financial Concierge today, and start saving for tomorrow! If you prefer, you may open your Club Account through My Nymeo Online Banking.

Give Your Club Account A Nice Boost With Help From Uncle Sam

If you like, you can choose to have your tax refund directly deposited into more than one account by using IRS Form 8888. This way, you can take some of your refund and buy yourself something nice, and still put something away for this year's big events!

Click here to download IRS Form 8888