Direct Deposit

Direct deposit offers you a money management tool that is reliable, convenient and saves you money. By using direct deposit, you can automate the task of depositing payments into a designated account at Nymeo. Once we receive your direct deposit from your employer, your money is available immediately.

How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit:

To set up direct deposit, most employers require your account number and Nymeo's Routing Number: 255074988.

  • Paychecks - Speak with your employer or payroll department to fill out the proper forms to have your regular paycheck deposited to you account or click here to use our direct deposit form. (Some employers require you to use their form. Visit to set up you direct deposit online or complete Federal Direct Deposit Form 1199A.) You will need to provide your account number, Nymeo's routing number and a voided check. Nymeo's routing number is pre-printed on our direct deposit form, and also located on your checks (it is the first group of numbers).
  • Federal Benefit Checks - Nymeo can help arrange for direct deposit of your regular federal payments, such as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veterans Affairs or other government benefit checks. Visit to set up you direct deposit online or complete Federal Direct Deposit Form 1199A.
  • Federal Tax Refund - To arrange direct deposit of your federal tax refund, simply complete the information on your IRS Form 1040 in the section labeled "Refund." You will receive your refund faster when you have it directly deposited to you account. For more IRS information, call 1-800-829-1040 toll-free or visit Don't forget to check your state tax form to see if direct deposit of refunds is available.

Click here for our Non-Federal Direct Deposit Form

Got Questions About Direct Deposit? We're Here To Help.

Members frequently ask us when a direct deposit will arrive in their account. If you have not received your direct deposit to your account, please contact your employer or contact us.

For government check, such as Social Security payments, your money is deposited on the day you are scheduled to receive your benefit. For example, if you usually receive your benefit on the third of the month, your money is available to you at the opening of the business day on the third. Click here to see the Schedule For Treasury-Disbursed Recurring Benefit Payments. Note: Not all payments are shown.