Call Center FAQ

When I call Nymeo, who answers the phone?

During business hours, Nymeo employees answer the phone; however, we have partnered with AnyHour Solutions to offer our members convenient 24/7 access. During non-business hours or when we are experiencing a high volume of calls, AnyHour agents are able to answer member's questions for us.

How did Nymeo come to provide AnyHour?

Because our members expressed a need for our services outside of the hours we are able to provide service, we provide comprehensive hours of support through AnyHour. This multifaceted service also helps us to promote efficiency. This allows us to provide around-the-clock service to our members, when it would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

What kind of functions can AnyHour perform?

AnyHour is able to perform basic transactions on behalf of Nymeo. They can provide balances, perform transfers, reset Online Banking access, and even take loan applications. They also have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips about all of our other products and services. They may not be able to perform certain features for you, but they can direct you to where the action can be performed. For example, they can walk you through setting up a sub-account in our online banking website, or they can ask a Nymeo team member to open it for you.

What happens when a AnyHour agent cannot answer my question or perform a function?

Sometimes, because of security restrictions and the limitations of certain regulations, AnyHour will not be able to provide assistance on a certain product or service. 

If the call is received during Nymeo business hours, the agent will attempt to contact a member of the Nymeo team who is knowledgeable about the product or service in question. We appreciate your patience with this process. If the call is not received during business hours, the agent will forward your information to the Nymeo department responsible for your inquiry or needs, and you will receive a call back within one business day.

How can I contact someone at Nymeo directly?

You can always dial someone's direct extension or use our dial by name feature available when calling 240-436-4000 or 1-855-436-4100, but AnyHour agents are happy to forward you to anyone or any department at Nymeo. However, you may be surprised at how much information our AnyHour agents can provide.

Why am I asked so many questions to verify my identity?

With so much control over your personal information and finances available to the caller, it is imperative that we know that we are speaking with you before we can perform any transactions.

What if a AnyHour agent cannot find my account information or verify my identity?

Don't panic. There may be security reasons they cannot find your account, or you may not know the information they are requesting without looking up your information. For example, accounts with a dormant status cannot be accessed by AnyHour agents because of regulations. Simply ask the AnyHour agent to speak with any of our Nymeo branches, or you may have the agent forward your information to a Nymeo representative.

Top 10 Functions of AnyHour

  1. Discuss the Last 30 Days of Account History
  2. Reset Online Banking Access
  3. Make a Transfer Payment to Loans and Visas
  4. Make a Transfer Between Share Accounts
  5. Place a Stop Payment on a Check
  6. Accept an Application for a Loan or Visa
  7. Mark a Debit or Credit Card Lost or Stolen
  8. Order a Debit Card
  9. Order Checks
  10. Locate a Branch, ATM, or Share Branch Outlet Nationwide

Additionally, AnyHour agents can walk members through various online functions, such as setting up eStatements or subaccounts. AnyHour agents also have a wealth of knowledge on various topics at their fingertips if you have general questions about Nymeo.

Functions AnyHour Agents CANNOT Perform

  • Schedule a payment from another institution
  • Detailed research on an account
  • Remove dormant account status
  • Discuss the status of a loan or Visa application