Personal Loans

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This unsecured loan can be used for a variety of purposes. No collateral is required. Our fixed rates are based on the applicant's credit history.

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Credit Builder

Nymeo is proud to offer a special loan for members looking to build or repair credit and construct a solid financial foundation. A sound credit record can help in applying for jobs, house or apartment rentals, credit cards, auto and other loans, and much more.*

How it works:

  • Loan is granted up to $2,500 for up to 18 months. 
  • Funds from loan are then placed on a hold in your savings account
  • Monthly payments are made to loan to help build credit
  • Once loan is paid in full, the funds on hold in your account are released and now yours to use!

*Proceeds are held in the share savings account until the loan is paid in full. Loan rate varies as share rate changes. Monthly or bi-weekly payment options available. If delinquency exceeds 61 days, share account will be cashed out and the loan repaid in full. Autopay may be required. A credit check will be required. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Not all members will qualify. Depending on members’ specific circumstances, it is possible that not all members will have a stronger credit record at the end of the term.

Overdraft Protection

Our credit line provides protection from overdrawing your checking account and gives you convenient access to loan funds. The rate is variable and subject to change twice a year. There's no annual fee or per-usage charge

Share Secured

Use your regular share (savings) account as collateral for a low-cost loan. Funds in the account are made available as the loan balance is paid down. The rate is variable, based on the regular share rate, and subject to change each quarter.

Certificate Secured

We now offer a loan option for members who currently hold a certificate here at Nymeo. This loan product is secured by the certificate held by the Nymeo member. If you have questions about this type of loan, please contact us.