About Nymeo Loans



couple with their new carPart of the Credit Union's main purpose is to make loans to its members. Our loans are approved based on a variety of criteria, including length of employment, credit rating and outstanding loan balances.

Nymeo offers a variety of loans to fit your budget and need:

Loan rates are established by the Board of Directors and are subject to change at any time. Your actual loan rate could vary from those listed on our website, based on your credit evaluation.

All borrowers and co-borrowers must be eligible for membership and become members in order to obtain a loan through Nymeo.

If you have questions about how your credit score is derived, you can get information from Equifax.

Please note that Nymeo offers Life and Disability Insurance to members on our consumer loans and Visa through Life Investors Insurance Company of America. Please contact us for more information.

Loan Assistance from Nymeo

Don’t let a temporary disruption in employment ruin your credit history. If you are facing an employment disruption, furlough, reduced income, or have been laid off, please contact us! Nymeo is here to help with several options of financial assistance that fits your needs.

  • If your income is temporarily reduced, we will temporarily reduce your loan payments.
  • If your income is on “hold”, we can arrange to skip your monthly payments and we will waive the standard skip a payment fee.
  • If you need a loan to make ends meet-come talk with us, our staff is here to help. We will review your budget and perhaps find ways to save you money every month!
  • Short-term loans are available with no payments for 90 days!
  • As always, loans are available for longer terms to qualifying members-rates will vary based on credit history.

Have more questions? Need additional support? Call our employment disruption specialist at 1-855-436-4100, ext. 1905, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays. We will do our very best to assist with your personal situation.