Best Ways to Negotiate a New Car Purchase


If you are in the market for a new car – this post will hopefully help you get the best deal!

There are 4 key parts of the new car buying process.

  1. Research
  2. Timing
  3. Negotiation & Tactics
  4. Finance


Knowing the car and features that you want is key. Researching on both car manufacturer’s websites as well as other internet sources can be a great way to know in advance if the car you want exists.  In addition, look on the car dealers website for inventory (check multiple sites) so you know in advance how hard it will be to find what you want. 

Know the car’s value.  Knowing the car’s value is highly important.   Some great resources (KBB, Edmunds, or Truecar). These tools will give you retail and wholesale values.  Set your price and then give yourself some wiggle room.  Start with the lower number. 


1. Follow-up on Saturday or Sunday nights. 1 hour before closing.  Ask to talk to the same person you have before and remind them that if they hit your number – you will sign.

2. Follow-up on the last day of the month.  Again, auto dealers are often under pressure to find one more deal before the month ends. A deal that didn't make sense earlier in the month might make sense at the end.

3. Bad weather. Snow, rain, wind, etc. can dramatically affect car sales. Remind them that when they meet your number – you are ready to go. Again, the fact that they're not selling cars might get them to bend in your favor.

4. Play the game. Don’t just do this with 1 dealer.  Pick several and repeat.


Negotiation and Tactics

  1. Bring a spouse or friend.  When the auto dealer makes a counter – take your offer over to your assistant – talk it over with them.  This essentially means you are playing the same game as them.   Eventually you can even bring them in at the end for the final push!
  2. Don’t Negotiate.    Know your price. Stick to it.  And politely say no to any offer that isn’t it.  Make it clear that as soon as they hit the number you will sign.
  3. Handle your trade-in separately.  Most car dealers will buy your car – even if you don’t buy one from them. 

Financing and Add-ons

  1. Bring your financing to the table. A great way to avoid the drama in the finance office is to get a loan from your local credit union. However, if you're buying a new car and you want to take advantage of a special interest rate, you're going to have to work with the dealership's finance person. 

    2. Always be polite. Selling cars is tough work and it isn’t much fun.   Most people treat you like crap.   Don’t make threats.  Just be polite, friendly, and get them on your side.  They have influence in the deal. 

    3. Warranties Etc.  – Be ready – the dealer will want a shot at selling you extra warranties, vehicle coverage such as GAP, paint protection etc.   Know which “extras” you want and stand firm.

Getting the best deal may take some work, but it will be well worth it when you get the car you want – at a great price and without much hassle.

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