Other Services

In addition to the traditional banking services Nymeo offers, we provide other services for your convenience.

Please contact us for instructions on completing wire transfers.

Notary services and Signature Guarantees are available by appointment. Please call our Member Resource Center at 1-855-436-4100 for scheduling. 

Safe deposit boxes are available at the Bank Street and Buckeystown branches only.  Click here for hours and directions to the branch closest to you. Please contact us for more information regarding box sizes and prices.

U.S. Savings Bonds are available only for purchase online through Treasury Direct. You may redeem eligible U.S savings bonds at any of our branch locations.

Make the SWITCH to Nymeo Federal Credit Union

Now you can SWITCH with ease. We can help make your change-over easier. Use our convenient Switch Kit to close your accounts and change your direct deposit and automatic withdrawals.

Our Switch kit contains forms that will help you contact the companies and financial institutions that handle your automatic deposits and withdrawals. Any Nymeo representative will be happy to assist you with filling out the forms. We even include a convenient checklist to assist with tracking companies and financial institutions you may need to contact.

Switch Kit Forms:

Switch Kit- What you need to do

New Account Conversion Checklist

Direct Deposit Change Notice Letter

Automatic Payment Cancellation Letter

Account Closure Notice Letter

Instead of rolling those nickels you have in that jar at home, why not just roll in to a participating Nymeo branch and feed those precious pennies into our change counting machine?

It's so easy to do, and instead of collecting dust, now your quantity of quarters will be collecting interest in your savings account. Our coin counting machine is just one more way for us to show you how you belong here.

We have coin counting machines in 4 Nymeo branches: Frederick - Buckeystown (5301 Buckeystown Pike), Frederick - Thomas Johnson (193 Thomas Johnson Drive), Frederick-Westridge (1041A West Patrick Street), and Gaithersburg-Bank Street (1 Bank Street). Come bring your loose change into the lobby and have fun seeing how fast it adds up. This service is free of charge to Nymeo members.* Spread the word!

*Non-members will incur a 8% fee for every transaction.