At Nymeo, we care about your financial well-being! Whether you are thinking about retirement, planning for your child's college education, or just want to learn how to budget - Nymeo is here to help.

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Wed. Oct. 16
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Where and how should I position my long-term money? Find out what asset classes will help boost portfolio performance. Learn about how to invest for the future.

Gain an understanding of the current laws pertaining to social security, the implications of the recent changes and how it is affecting your paycheck! Learn how what you choose for a benefit may impact your retirement income for life!

This discussion helps uncover all of the benefits that the 401(k) plan provides for those who utilize this savings strategy. Explore the current IRS rules and guidelines to make sure you are effectively taking advantage of the benefits of your 401(k) plan.

Explore the differences and nuances between these two IRA options. Discover how each of these investment savings vehicles works with or against the current tax laws. Which option is right for you?

Life insurance can be essential to a sound financial plan. If someone depends on you financially, chances are, you need life insurance. So what exactly is life insurance? To put it simply, life insurance protects those who depend on your paycheck. Explore various types of life insurance strategies and navigate the pathway to the right plan for you and those who depend on you.

Are annuities right for you? Come and learn the inner workings of annuities, what the costs are, and how these strategies can provide financial security for you and your family.

Begin defining a retirement strategy to fit your needs by exploring different avenues where income will have a significant influence for your retirement.

Are you and your child prepared to combat rising college tuition costs? Which state plan makes sense for your family?

A new concept in individual investment management. Helping the investor navigate the risks within the markets using disciplines tested by large institutions, enabled using today’s technology.

(Presented by MEMBERS Investments and Insurance – requires extra lead time and guaranteed attendees to support a MEMBERS Investments and Insurance representative to present) This workshop discusses important aspects of investing for women, and provides details on issues women face with their financial goals. Learn, first hand, how to take charge of your financial future. Specialties and Sweet Endings… Let Your IRA Be Your Legacy for Your Heirs Learn the finer points about Stretch IRAs and how you can provide a lifetime of wealth for your heirs!

What happens when you are in need of special care due to serious illness? Will you have money to support the cost of special care while preserving a comfortable lifestyle? Learn how Long Term Care insurance can provide you with financial support and security.

Does the current low interest rate environment concern you? Have you considered, “What is the ultimate destination of the monies in my maturing CDs or money market account?” Explore options to efficiently transfer your wealth to your heirs.