Same Day ACH Debits

About Same Day ACH Debits

As our lives continue to move at a rapid pace, members and businesses expect faster payments and information as a core component of good service. The financial services industry continues to modernize systems that allow deposits and payments to move at the pace members expect.

Nymeo supports Same Day ACH Debits. This means that your electronic debits (including checks that are processed as ACH debits) may clear the same day you authorize them.  

For example, if you were to call your internet provider to make a payment, prior to September 15, 2017, this payment may take up to two business days to clear. After September 15, 2017, the payment may clear the account within the same day you authorize it. When you make a payment to a company, such as your internet provider, they are required to inform you of the timing of the payment.  If the company offers you the option to make a same-day payment, it might be referred to as a same-day payment, or noted that they intend to collect the funds as quickly as possible.

Please Note:

  • This change applies to all financial institutions and all account holders receiving ACH transactions.
  • This will not affect your pre-authorized recurring electronic payments, such as mortgage or insurance payments.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does this mean for me?
A: It is important you have funds available in your account before authorizing an ACH to avoid potential overdraft fees. Prior to September 15, 2017, ACH transactions may take up to two days to clear your account. Now, the same transactions may post the same day you authorize them.

Q: Will this affect my scheduled payments?
A: No, your pre-authorized recurring scheduled transactions will continue to be made on the same scheduled day. For example, if you have your mortgage payment scheduled on the 5th of every month, it will continue to be processed on the 5th of every month.

Q: What are the benefits of same day ACH Debits?
A: This update will enable members to make and receive timely bill payments and credits. Similarly, business to business payments will process more quickly – providing faster processing of invoices and payments.

Q: What time will Same Day ACH transactions post?
A: Same Day ACH debit and credit entries will post to accounts by 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Q: Will my direct deposit be affected?
A: No.  Your direct deposit will continue to be credited to your account on the correct posting day.