EMV Chip Cards

EMV chip cards feature an embedded microchip that provides added protection from fraud and unauthorized use. The embedded chip is encrypted, safeguarding your personal information during the transaction process.

Nymeo will be offering the convenience and added protection of chip cards for Nymeo Visa credit cards and Nymeo Visa debit cards starting Spring 2016. Chip cards will be sent prior to the expiration of your current card or by request.

Chip cards are easy to use and more secure.

  • Embedded microchip allows for more secure transactions.
  • You may use the chip cards at both chip enabled and traditional merchant terminals.
  • Chip cards are accepted in 130+ countries making traveling internationally secure and hassle free.

Using the chip card is simple.

  1. Insert your card into the terminal with the chip facing up. Do not remove until your transaction is complete.
  2. If prompted, verify your transaction using your signature or pin.
  3. When prompted, remove your card and your transaction is complete.

If you have questions about chip technology, speak with a Financial Concierge.

Learn more about chip cards by watching the video below and also located on our online education center.