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There are several scams occurring at financial institutions including Nymeo.

A fictitious payroll company is writing members and non-members advising them that in order for their payroll check to be deposited, they would need to send them a fee. This is a scam! Also, please be aware of job postings on that are related to this, especially healthcare positions. 

Scammers are sending emails from David Mark (or another name). He says he is a "financial officer from the financial department" informing recipients they will receive a check. The email contains a copy of the check. The recipient is instructed to deposit the check electronically or print out and deposit the check in-person.

Once the recipient receives a check, they are instructed to deposit the check and send a certain amount of money to a vendor for "software purchases". They are instructed to keep the rest of the money. The letter is vague and there is no letterhead not any indication of a company name. 

What to do if you suspect a scam or fraudulent activity?

We do not want YOU to become a victim of these con artists! Please visit our Fraud Page to help guard against scams and identity theft! If you are unsure whether or not the communication is from Nymeo or think that you have become a victim of identity theft or a financial scam, please contact us right away at 1-855-436-4100.